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First Andrew Watt shop opens

In 1935, with around 1.7 million cars on Great Britain's roads, my grandfather, Andrew Watt, decided to open his first car component outlet. There are now over 25 million cars on our roads and this massive increase has led to a parts and technology explosion that both factors and garage workshops have had to master to succeed.
In 1961 my father, John Bell, took up the reigns and managed the company over the next 20 years, through many difficult times - the Suez crisis, the three day week and two world wide recessions.
I joined the company in 1981 in time to embrace the latest computerised technology required to keep the business ahead of the competition, and to supply our growing customer base with what they want, when they want it. Throughout the nineties we continually changed to suit the need of a modern day garage workshop, and this level of change is continuing at a more radical and faster rate than ever before.

So what of the future? With 3 generations and 65 years of experience behind us, I am determined to continue developing the business both internally and geographically in order to provide the service and products your business will require to prosper further. Your company and ours are entering the most exciting and challenging times ever experienced in our automotive industry. Together, in a business partnership, our combined experience and force will strengthen our future positions.

For us to be successful we need you to be successful, that is why I can guarantee, "Watt's in it for YOU!"



Andrew Bell

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